[Daily] #NeNe Chicken
“Creamyon & Hotbling Chicken!”

Hi guys!!
Still a chicken lover, DoolDool here 😀
I AGAIN ordered a fried chicken delivery for dinner :p

Having new chickens menus come out so often
is NOT helping my diet at all –“_-

Today I tried the new Creamyon & Hotbling
Half-Half Chicken from NeNe Chicken

My love JaeSuk Yoo (x) NeNe Chicken (o) was delivered!!

Price for Creamyon & Hotbling Half Half Chicken
(not boneless) is 18,000 won!!

I get that Creamyon is cream+onion but I wonder
what hotbling means… could it be hot+bling…?

Anyway, I get a feeling it will be something along the
line of oily+spicy!!

I got really impatient at the smell of chicken
and opened the box!! As soon as it arrived! >_<

First thing that caught my eyes were BIG slices of onion
@[email protected]
Creamyon Chicken was chicken with onion slices
and creamy sauce!! One mystery solved!!
Looks delish right!?

This is the Creamyon sauce!
It has ‘for half chicken’ written on it lol

I topped the sauce on top of the onion slices >_<

Sauce tasted like what you would expect from other
cream dressings! The combination of onion, chicken,
and the sauce was simply PERFECT ♡

The preparation for my munching time is complete

I especially love NeNe Chicken because they provide
separate sauce and pickled radish♡

Oh! I almost forgot!! Hotbling Chicken!!

My friend told me that spiciness of this chicken
is enough for even toddlers to eat…
But according to her standard
I shouldn’t be even be born yet.

It was SO spicy….T^T
I had Creamyon Chicken every time Hotbling was too spicy.
Creamyon Chicken you saved me….

I took a lot of pictures before eating,
but chose to fully devote myself to eating when I started..
I trust that you guys will understand 😀

It was a combination and taste that lives up to
never disappointing NeNe Chicken!
That’s it for today guys!

I’ll see you guys in my next posting~ ♡

ⓒ welkome


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