[Daily, Interest] #마크정식
Convenient store RECIPE

The hot item of the convenient store!
‘마크정식’(Mark Jung-sik)!!!

So many people complimented on it,
I thought I should give it a go!!

The one that I saw was BulDalgBokk-EumMyeon,
but I guess you actually make it with
‘Giant Tteokbokki’ T^T

Anyway, since I purchased it already.
Let’s try it out!

Ingredients: OTTOGI Spaghetti, cheese sausage,
string cheese and BulDalgBokk-EumMyeon!
Total of the ingredients were about 6,000 won
(expensive for convenient store food…right?)

First, pour hot water on
spaghetti and BulDalgBokk-EumMyeon!
(Don’t forget to add the flakes in spaghetti!)

Once the noodles are good to eat, drain out the water
and finish the BulDalgBokk-EumMyeon first!

Finish the BulDalgBokk-EumMyeon after mixing
the noodle with the sauce,
mix the spaghetti noodle and sauce on top!

Once all these are done, chop the cheese sausage
on top of the noodle!
(I think this will become a pretty big meal…0_0)

Rip the string cheese on top AND…

Anything with cheese is delicious right?

Microwave the whole thing for about
a minute than you’re done!

The visual of this thing is AMAZING >_<
It smells good too!!

I want to try it now!!

Wrap the noodle around and into your mouth
with the sausage!

Mixing the two cup Ramen ingredients made
quite a combination!
It wasn’t too spicy even with the BulDalgBokk-EumMyeon!
It was delicious,
but the portion was way too big for me…

I think this would be great
if I can eat it with my roommate!!

My roommate was home the next day
so I gave it another shot! 😀

I wonder if it was the right way to go with
‘Giant Tteokbokki’…
I like that one better +_+
Tteokbokki was the answer!

I think I’ll try this one out time to time
with my roommate!
You guys should try it too!

ⓒ welkome


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