[Daily, Interest] #불닭볶음면
“Fire noodle challenge”

Hi! Rina Here!

The weather was pretty gloomy and I didn’t have
any plan scheduled… so I just rolled around in my bed
all day! I love staying home these days ^_^

I was looking around to see what I can eat~
And found the “BulDalgBokkEum-Myeon” my brother
bought earlier! (Thanks bro :p)

I usually can’t eat spicy food,
but I somehow felt like I can do this!

Now that I’m getting ready to eat this…

I’m getting second thoughts…
I remember how much I regretted after eating this
thing for the first time…

GO GO!! Let’s do this!!

I hesitated…
but opened the wrapping @[email protected]

This RED sauce is the main of the BulDalgBokkEum-Myeon!
The liquid type sauce!!
People who love spicy food use all of the sauce here…
But I only used half ^_^;;

I suggest that you learn to acknowledge your limit first
and not use all of it…

As always, I boiled the noodle!
And finished the saucing processing!

My mouth already started watering =3

Now sprinkle the flakes!
And mix mix!

It looks pretty good on the picture huh!?

Now… if you are done mixing…
Take a biigg breath…


Lesson of the day:
‘Man will repeatedly make the same mistake..’

Yeah it was waaaayy too spicy for me T^T

I’ll finish today’s post with a promise
I’ll NEVER attempt this again… =3

ⓒ welkome


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