[Daily, Shopping] #GS25 Events
“Denmark Super Smoothie”

I’m always really happy that I have variety of
convenient stores around my house!

Today, I found that GS25 was running 2+1 event for
“Denmark Super Smoothie”~
I went and got all three flavors!!
(Price for each is 2,500won,
so I got all three for 5,000won!)

I had purple flavor a while back,
I wonder how other flavors taste 🙂
I’ll write my feedback on each flavor
after trying them out one a day!!

First, I tried the purple flavor that I already knew!
This one has various berries like
blueberry and blackberry >_<

The juice is blended from uncut berries
so you can feel the slight chunkiness of the berries
with fruity grape juice taste.

The price for one bottle of this juice, in all honesty,
isn’t all that cheap
But I got this with an event! So I’m not complaining!
I really want to try the other flavors~~

Next is “Denmark Super Smoothie Green”!

The package was really…green…
It had somewhat of a healthy look…

The green smoothie has
kiwi, apple, pear, carrot, spinach, and kale!

I tried it out and…
As for taste…

I thought it will be really delicious
because of the kiwi…
But carrot taste was really overpowering ;;;

How should I say this… it tasted… really healthy lol
It wasn’t for my taste buds.
SO I looked forward to yellow!

The last after purple and green was YELLOW!

I wonder if this will bring my disappointed spirit up!
Yellow had a combination that didn’t sound so…goo…dd…
(banana, orange, apple, pineapple, cabbage,
carrot, pear, and beet)


Did you guys ever try that while string thingie
on inner layer of banana?

It tasted like that..
It was sweet…but it tasted like banana peel…
I never thought I will miss the taste of green…

Denmark Super Smoothie…
For me, purple was the best!!

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