[Daily, Interest] #jjawang
“Black bean instant noodles!”

Hello~ This is Judy who just gobbled up
a bag of ‘Jjawang’~ hehehe

This is my very first time to post about
an instant noodle…^^;;

It is just that good!!


This is what it looks like~
Jjawang I guess means King(‘wang’ in Korean) of
jjajangmyun (black bean noodles)…?

Once you open the package, this is what you will see!

As any other instant noodles,
we see the black bean flavor powder,
vegetable flake and some veggie oil!!

The noodles being really thick, they look like
they will actually taste like jjajangmyun ^^

Now let’s look inside the vegetable flake package!

Looks like they’ve packed a bit more than other
jjajangmyun tasting instant noodles ^^

Now let us try cooking it!!

First, boil the water!

You don’t have to worry about measuring the water
when you cook black bean noodles~

*Unlike regular instant noodles, the water will be
disposed only after being used to boil
the veggie flakes and the noodles 🙂

When the water begins to boil,
throw in the noodles with the veggie flakes~

Wait until the noodles soften enough~

So as you can see in the picture,
you should pour in the flavor powder
only when there is this much water left ^^

(If you put too much water, Just pour some out
when you think the noodles are ready!!)

After adding the powder,
boil it for a bit more while stirring them well!

Oh my, they look like they’re ready to be
eaten already XD

At this time,
the smell of it will start to drive you crazy..

When you think the noodles are cooked enough,
pour them on a plate and the meal is served!

You may add pepper powder to your preferences 🙂

My comments after trying it myself is,
first of all, super good~

Unlike other instant black bean noodles,
the noodles were very chewy like actual jjajangmyun!

It may be a bit pricey compared to other instant noodles,
but I definitely think the price is worth it!!
(The price was about 1,500 won per package at the market)

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