[Daily, Shopping] #Tantanme
“swimming in the love of cup noodles!”

RINA here!!
swimming in the love of cup noodles! :p

Why is it that I never get tired of
eating one of these!? T^T

Today I tried ‘Paldo’ Tantanmen
that’s easily found in CU convenient store!

I picked it up after seeing the hot icon chef
Lee YunBok (master of Chinese cuisin)
talk about it on a commercial!
I chose to believe him..!!!

You can find the cooking direction
on the side of the container!

There isn’t much to it 😀
You pour the ramen sauce,
pour the water in the container,
and wait 4 minutes!

Remember to add the scented oil before you dig in!
Easy breezy, right?

On the top is the scented oil,
and ramen sauce on the bottom!

One tip to remember is to keep the scented oil
on top if the hot container

This melts the solidified oil and makes it
easier to pour~

Squeeze out the ramen sauce and pour
the hot water like this 😀
(Let’s skip the making process, shall we?)

This is what it looks like after
you add the scented oil >_<

The look of this cup noodle is similar to
other cup noodles, but has quit a unique taste!

I first tasted peanut and thought ‘ehh?!’,
but later found that there real peanuts inside! O_O
This definitely is a unique ramen with
roasty and spicy taste!!

Every bite felt like a new bite^-^

ⓒ welkome


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