[Daily, Issue] #명랑핫도그
Rice Cake Hotdog

Hi everyone! DoolDool here!
Today, I bear a gift of great news~
(Might be good news just for me :p)

I heard that 명량핫도그 (‘Myeong Lyang Hogdog’)
that I was only able to eat around my school
In Guwol-dong~~

Wow…the line…is expectedly… really long…
I guess it is a HOT item hotdog!

Myeong Lyang Hogdog of Guwol-dong is located
right across the street of Lotte Department store!

They even had two lines!
One for ordering and one for waiting…!!
Left was for ordering, and right was for waiting…

I guess timing for when to come to this place
will be really important.

Shall we take a look at their menu!?

They have all kinds of hot dogs here!
Myeong Lyang Hogdog’s ‘cheese’ hotdogs
are the best! >_<

They have variety of menus,
but they are pretty cheap!
So pick them out at ease! +_+
I actually tried out each one of them already lol

This is the hotdog sample
The stretched replica of the cheese is really detailed
(But I think so sample is
a little bigger than the real size)

Now, these are the best ways to eat
Myeong Lyang Hogdog!

No1. Ketchup + Cheese Mustard or Cheddar Cheese
No2. Sweet Chili + Cheese Mustard + Ketchup
+ Parmesan Powder
No3. Ketchup + Honey Mustard

These are the combination they suggest!
But I think it’s good in any way :p

They have variety of seasonings and sauces
So feel free to spray and spill all you want!

My hotdog came out!

Today was a rice cake type of day,
so I ordered the hotdog with rice cake in it!
My sister ordered mozzarella cheese hotdog 🙂

This is the hotdog with all the sauces!

I had Chili + Honey Butter Seasoning
+ Cheese Seasoning (left)
And my sister had… I guess… everything lol (right)

Myeong Lyang Hogdog…you never disappoint me…

Cheese is really good,
but rice cake hotdog is really unique!
The fried exterior is really crispy
and inside is really chewy! >_<

You should trust me on this
and try the rice cake one!

This is the picture that will kind of show
how big the hotdog is!

The price is pretty cheap,
but it does come with a smaller size than
other normal hotdogs!

I guess it is something to nibble on? 😀
So…I usually order two when I’m hungry! Lol
(It won’t go over 3,000won even if you eat two!!)

Myeong Lyang Hogdog in Guwol-dong!
I plan to visit here often from now >_<

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