[Daily, Shopping] #너구리볶음면
“Neoguri Fried Noodles”

This is Lina with a new review on
Nongshim’s Neoguri Fried Noodles~~ 🙂

I just love Neoguri ramen (Heart)
I used to only have Neoguri ramen, but these days
I’m obsessed with Neoguri fried noodles..hehe

I think that it’s simpler to eat because it comes as a cup ramen!

The number of calories in Neoguri fried noodles…
515 kcal…

Kinda high for something without soup, isnt it…!?
(Doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy it ^^)

The recipe is the same as other fried noodles~
Pour hot water on the noodles,
drain the water when the noodles are done, and mix with sauce!

This is the soup and pepper oil for Neoguri fried noodles

These are the noodles and other ingredients *_*
There is a big variety of ingredients hehe

ohh… Aren’t those racoon-shaped flakes so cute? T_T

Pour hot water like this and wait 3 minutes!

When the noodles seem to be done, pour the water out
and add the soup and pepper oil~

Wow!! *_*

The pepper oil doesn’t seem like much,
but it really brings out the smell and texture
of the fried noodles!

Neoguri fried noodles taste spicy and sweet,
but are less spicy than other fried noodles which is
just right for me 😀

The noodles are thick, and there are more ingredients
and noodles than expected..^^
It seems like the perfect cup ramen for a heavy eater like me!

ⓒ welkome


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