[Daily, Shopping] #왕새우만두
“Shrimp Dumpling”

Dong-Won ‘WangSaeWoo ManDu’!!

I tried this out couple of days ago
and went to get another one! HAHA
This thing is really good!!

At Emart you can get two ‘WangSaeWoo ManDu’ with 7,840won,
Annnnd get 1 pack of Gyoza Mandu’ for free! +0+
I think I eat this ‘WangSaeWoo ManDu’ at least once a day!

They say meat of a whole prawn is in ‘WangSaeWoo ManDu’!!
There’s total of 9 mandus(dumpling) in one pack!
(This is portion for one meal…or actually it lacks…)

For cooking, you pour water and mandu in the pot
To steam it for about 7 minutes 😀

7 minutes of waiting time felt soo…. Long…

But DONE!!

The size is about this big! 😀
There are only 9 in the pack, but the size isn’t too small!

The inside is completely packed!!
Shrimp in this mandu(dumpling) is really chewy and delicious!
There’s meat inside too so its perfect fitting for a meal!

Two packs with this price AND Gyoza Mandu!?

I think I’m gonna try GalBi Mandu(dumpling) next time!!

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