“Lovely Mix Lip Gloss”

Hello everyone!
Today I will be introducing a lip gloss
I just begin using~

Iโ€™ve been using Mamondeโ€™s lip gloss for quite a whileโ€ฆ
But I was devastated to know that they stopped
producing the product ๐Ÿ™ (Boohoo)
Just when I was mourning over the fact,
I came across this baby!! hehe

I found out that it was a lip gloss from The Face Shop~

The name of the product is
“The Face Shop Lovely Mix Pure My Lips”
The size is about the same as any other lip gloss~

Among the colors, I bought #01 Pure Red
which is the reddest!
Because lip glosses do not tend to come out
as bright~ The price was only 4,900! Superb!

This is when I tried it on the back of my hand~
As I have expected, it was not as red!
So now, I will be trying it on my lips.

Just like you apply any other lip gloss,
I will try to apply it after wearing lipstick.

Usually I finish with a lip gloss after wearing
Estee Lauderโ€™s lip stick!

When I begin applying, it seemed a bit too much
But it seemed to go well after putting everything on!

I know that lip gloss is really all about hydration,
But I prefer products with a bit of color to it..

And even better with an extra gloss.. โ™ก

My lips are flashing under the sunlight *_*

Considering its price,
the cost efficiency is excellent!
Especially for those of you looking for
color-radiating lip glosses, take a go for it ^^

โ“’ welkome


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