Foundation Cushion

Hi guys!!
Ggo Ggo here with another trendy makeup item~ ๐Ÿ˜€

The recent trendy makeup has been MSBB!
It sprang from a phrase โ€˜My Skin, But Betterโ€™
which refers to makeup that will create natural look,
as if your face with makeup is your own!

Following the trend, makeup items that are capable of
expressing natural look has been gaining more attention!

Today, I want to introduce you a most MSBB like item of all!

Itโ€™s a foundation from JUNG SAM MOOL,
a brand strongest in natural cosmetics!

“JUNG SAEM MOOL Essential Star-cealer Foundation”
(No.21 Light), 19.5g (foundation 15g + concealer 4.5g)
Price – 42,000won

They come in three shades Light, Medium, Medium-deep.
General tone of the product is a bit darker than others
to create more natural makeup~
If you guys use no.21 for other makeup,
I would suggest โ€˜Lightโ€™ shade.

This is whatโ€™s inside the JUNG SAEM MOOL foundation
packaging. It also includes its own square puff!!
This productโ€™s component is a bit different than others!

The package contains its own concealer
thatโ€™s perfect for this foundation.

If you press the button on the left,
foundation will leak out.
If you press the right, concealer will leak out.

Is this super cool or what!?*0*!?

Letโ€™s give this thing a shot!!
(I usually use brush to apply foundation ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

My foundation brush is also
a product from JUNG SAEM MOOL.

The brush stroke is very flexible and
doesnโ€™t leave any brush marks!

If you press the part marked with the arrow,
Foundation will come out through the holes ๐Ÿ˜€

Such a sanitary product!

You could use the skinโ€ฆlooking (?)
part as a pallet lol

This will act as back of your hand so there will be
no reason for you to get your hand on the product ๐Ÿ˜€
Such a delicate product right?!

Letโ€™s try it on now >_<

I will start with my jaw bone area and
move up to cheek -> eyes -> nose -> forehead!

There will be less chance for you to mess up
your makeup if you start application from your jawbone!

Soโ€ฆLetโ€™s start with the jawbone!

I lightly brushed my face and was surprised
that it left no brush marks!

For finishing, you could use the concealer on
the right to cover any spots!

Stretch the brush flat and lightly pump the brush
on the spot you wish to cover ๐Ÿ˜€

So I tried the JUNG SAEM MOOL foundation!

It did get applied very naturally.
I guess they call it MSBB makeup for a reason >_<
It perfectly goes with the phrase โ€˜My Skin, But Betterโ€™

BUT! Texture of this product after application is
not very moisturizing

If your skin is more a dry side,
I would suggest that you have the basic moisturizing
product readily applied before using this product!

JUNG SAEM MOOL foundation that really made
โ€˜My Skin, But Betterโ€™!!

They say itโ€™s very popular among makeup artists
and celebrities! I think understand why~

I would say it is a bit on the pricy side,
compare to how much of the contents it containsโ€ฆ

โ“’ welkome


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