[Makeup] #L’Oreal
Miss Manga Mascara

Today’s post is for those of you on the
hunt for a long-lasting curling mascara!

As lazy as I can get, I have been on the search
as well until I found this product 😉

The name of the product is L’Oreal
‘Miss Manga Mascara’~

The product is known for its feathery brush
and the black courgette formula!

The soft feathery brush moves along the shape of
your eye easily curling up all your lashes~
(Moreover it’s water proof!!)

Let’s open the product!

So there really is a feather in the shape of an eyelash… lol
Now, shall we see if it lives up to its fame!?

This is me before applying the product for comparison..

Yes! I have the shortest and the droopiest eyelashes…gg
I can hardly tell if I even have eye lashes… ^-^;;

Now let the transformation begin~

After an intense nipping with an eyelash curler,
This is me meticulously and intensely sweeping on
L’Oreal’s masacara XD

Here are my eyelashes amplified after
putting on mascara..

To be honest, eye makeup is not something
I am good at so it’s always been a pain (in the @**)

It just never showed even after using an eyelash curler!
But it seems like there is progress with this mascara ^^

The curl lasted quite long when I wore it out!

Honestly I never knew the importance of a mascara,
But from now on…
I ain’t going anywhere without this ^^;!!

Go ahead and try it for yourselves~

ⓒ welkome


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