[Makeup] #Skinfood
“C-curl Eyelash curler”

This is bonnie who was able to try the luxurious
‘Skinfood C-curl Eyelash curler’!

Let’s immediately look into it! XD

First the box!!

The brown went well with the Brown cup…
so I snapped a photo +_+

When you open the case,
here comes the hero!
(The price is 12,000 won)

A frame designed to fit the Asian eyes and
a flexible rubber that thoroughly curls up the roots!

Having extraordinarily short lashes…(1cm..? Boohoo)
I have not really seen the advantage of it..
(Okay okay, I’ve been avoiding it X( !)

BUT! hearing the rumors that this product is special..?
I have decided to get one!

After using it, I have noticed that
the rubber was pretty springy!
Seems like they really have some invested on it..

So be sure NOT to pinch too hard!
(You might end up with angled lashes…^^;)

Also having been designed for Asians,
the width did seem a bit shorter!
It allows you to meticulously curl up
different parts of your lashes..!

Shall we actually see what it looks like~

This is my eye..how naked…XD

You will be able to see my not-so-long

Full shot of both eyes
They’re drooping…Boohooo…

Let’s tweak them up!

Since I cannot take a picture of myself
while I am using it,
This is a picture after I’ve curled my lasehs!!

The resilient rubber and the short curler
really did their job XD
(Personally, I tend to pay more attention to the
roots instead of the end!!)

Even from the front you can see that
my lashes really got stretched hahaha!

This is after I put some mascara on *_*

Having short lashes I used mascara without
curling the eyelashes…
But it actually does look much better with
my them curled!!

Feels like maybe I could cut back on the
eyeliner a bit…? 😉
We love you skinfood eyelash curler!

ⓒ welkome


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