[Makeup] #Mamonde
Creamy Tint – Velvet Red

Hi ~ this is me Judy 🙂

Today, I’m going to introduce a product that was a
major issue and was sold out almost everywhere!

It is so called ‘MamondeVelvet Red Creamy Tint !
This is known as the cheap version of
NARSDolce Vita ~

You can get this at a Mamonde store
or ARITAUM at a cheap price~

The name of product is
Mamonde Creamy Tint color balm intense
Velvet Red
The price is 9,000 won!

It is a pencil type colored lip balm which is
known to be made with only the best
parts of a lip stick + tint + lip balm!!

Among the products, the ‘velvet red‘is the
legendary all-sold-out color!

The color, the full saturation of it as if
it devoured a rose, deserves its fame….
You will understand when you see me wear it below ^0^~

The product itself looks like this +_+

The body, being a pencil type, is simple and nice~

A shot to show you all the actual size 🙂

Compared to my iPhone 6, it is 2cm smaller ^^
Now let’s open it up !!


I twisted to see the color
and the color is super rosy +_+

I want to use it right away!

I would’ve gone for the lips immediately,
but first,,. to check the actual color,
let me apply it on bare skin!

The left is when I tried it once,
and the right is when I went over it three times*_*

Looks like three times would be enough to give you
a tint-like saturation 🙂

Now let me finally put it on my lips!

This is me when I had nothing on~

I tried it on my lips!

Daaang~ this is so natural ^^
The texture is extra smooth!!

Since I prefer light colors more,
a single run over seems enough for me~

This is when I have fully saturated it!!

Hmph,., I am kinda liking this as well ><!!
For a long time, I always thought that
only oranges and pinks were my colors..
But I think the rose color looks nice too.. hehe

For a pencil type the product is quite moisturizing,
but for a perfect hydration,
I put lip balm on the color!!

Wow.. Now I know why it was sold out….

I just love LOVE the color >.<!

I think I might wear it more frequently~
(I’ve heard my friend ran out the door
to get this after seeing my lips…☆)

ⓒ welkome


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