[Seoul, Cheongnyangni] #Makanai

Hey this is Wonnie ^^

So today, I went to Cheongnyangni to see my friend
who goes to the University of Seoul~

We ate lunch at a Ramen place that
my friend often visits!

Following my friend, we arrived here!

It’s called ‘Makanai’ and is located on the way
to the front gate of the University of Seoul.

My friend always take her friends here
when they come visit 🙂

Wow…there’s even a line…!
I guess it really is popular @[email protected]

Thankfully, we came a bit early for lunch
and had plenty of time to eat ^^

Here’s what Makanai looks like inside!

Seems like a very normal snack shop haha ^^;
Kinda like a ‘Kimbap Heaven’ in front of a school.. 😉
The cozy atmosphere feels nice~

This is Makanai’s menu!

As my friend recommended,
Yakichashu Ramen (Level 1) – 8,500 won
Rice topped with salmon – 9,000 won
this is what we ordered!

Apparently, you can adjust the spiciness of the Ramen
and choose from level 1~15!
Level 2 is as spicy as ‘Shin ramen,’
so keep that in mind ^-^

The food has arrived!!

Wow it looks amazing..
(They gave us a lot ><)

Yakichashu Ramen – Spiciness level 1!
This is a Ramen with thick pieces of Chashu(pork)~

I tried the worrisome broth first,
and level 1 was just right for me 🙂
(Cause I’m not that good at eating spicy food ^^;)

From the thick broth and chunks of meat,
everything was so good!
Even the soft cooked egg +_+

I really enjoyed this menu!!

Next was the rice topped with salmon!

My friend recommended this the most.. haha

I can actually still taste it…
The thick and fresh pieces of salmon and
perfect seasoning, made this dish melt in my mouth

Ah… Looking at the pictures make me wish
I could eat it again 🙁
I should go visit my friend again soon!
(For real) Hahahaha

To be honest,
today’s menus weren’t that cheap for one meal,
but they were as delicious!

‘Makanai’ has won Wonnie’s heart 😉

‘Makanai’ is located near the front gate of
University of Seoul at Cheongnyangni station!

Restaurant hours – 11:00 ~ 22:00
Break time – 15:00 ~ 16:00

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