[Seoul, Hapjeong] #BALI Superstorer

Hello this is George 🙂
Today I’d like to introduce a nice pub
near Hapjeong cafe street~

It’s called “BALI Superstorer” in Hapjeong station,
and it really reminds you of a beach in Bali.

l you where it’s located~

From exit 5 of Hapjeong station,
just walk a little into the first alley
and you’ll find it!

Operating hours : 16:00 – 3:00

This is the interior!
It seems cozy and carefree..

The songs that are played match the atmosphere
as well.. Anyways!
My friend hasn’t arrived yet,
so let’s check out the MENU first 😉

The candle isn’t helping my picture…

First of all,
this place has much more things than other pubs @[email protected]

Let’s see the main types first!

First are cocktails,
and they seem to have almost everything!
There are around 30 kinds and the price range is
8,000~13,000 won~

Whiskey and cognac *_*

Something very far from me..
Prices vary according to size!

Next are beers, which are divided into
regular bottled beers and draft beers (craft)~

Bottled beers mainly include famous ones from
Ale, Lager, and IPA @[email protected]

Now for the hottest section, draft beers!
This place sells beers that are brewed at the
Wale Brewing Company,
and like the bottled beers,
they also consist of lager and IPA types~

We weren’t sure which to get,
so we ordered the ‘BALl Sampler – 19,000 won’
that lets you try 4 types of beer ><

Outside of that,
there is VODCA, TEQUILLA, GIN, and WINE.
Aren’t there a lot of choices..? ^^

Next to the variety of beers,
we also got snacks~~ 😀

The menu is also full of diverse dishes from
all around the world..
This place is so new..*_*

We ordered the home-made sausage and potato salad
(Banger n Mash – 17,000 won)!

My friend has arrived, so let’s start exploring!

I think I’m starting to grow fond of the place..><
It seems like this place will become my hideout soon!!

While we were busy taking pictures,
the home-made sausage and potato salad arrived!!
It’s the perfect amount for a snack with beer 😀
(Get something else when you’re hungry hehe)

Next is the ‘BALl Sampler’!!

From the top, we tried the
PEACH ALE (Ale made of peach extract)
Express Stout (Black beer with malt and coffee scent)
Black cat IPA (Dark ale of IPA)
Golden wave weizen (Wheat beer scented with bananas)!

As a lover of black beer,
I enjoyed the Black cat and Express Stout,
but my friend liked the PEACH ALE and Golden weizen 😉
So basically they were all good…(heart)

After taking a picture of everything,
my friend and I finished everything while chatting..^^;

“BALl Superstorer” in Hapjeong station!!
A place with a free and cozy atmosphere 😀

My friend and I have decided to visit often!!

ⓒ welkome


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