[Seoul, Hapjeong] #Underdog
“Stylish hip hop Pub”

This is George and I love HipHop $

A lover of both Hiphop and food,
I recently discovered a place just like paradise ><

It’s a hiphop pub called ‘UNDERDOG’ in Hapjeong!

Doesn’t the exterior already give you that feeling?

You can already feel what this place’s all about 😉
It’s extremely old~school and hip!hop! *_*

This is the interior!

The concept is hip hop, but you can notice
sentimental elements in some spots!

I think the young bosses of this place are
quite stylish~

There are many more seats inside the store~
The place is larger than you think!

It wasn’t the peak time,
so it seems a bit empty in the picture,
but soon it was full of people *_*

I think the atmosphere is very exciting!

This is the menu of UNDERDOG~
The menu is quite simple, and consists of only
the most popular dishes..(sneaky…)

The prices weren’t that bad,
so it’s also good for students!

As for us, we met just to have some ‘drinks,’
so we ordered only a few snacks 😀

First is the soup that we got as a side for the Soju,
which is ‘Mussels Soup – 16,000 won’!
I liked it because it was spicy!!

You can get the broth refilled,
so it’s the best side dish in terms of price ^^

This is the ‘Pollack Roe Cream Pasta – 14,000 won’
We just got this cause it looked good.

Considering the price,
it was really filling and tasted good!!

These are all of the menus we ordered V

They’re all simple dishes that you can make at home,
but they were extra good to have with the alcohol
and cheerful atmosphere~~

Drinks with friends and exciting hip hop music…☆
It was hard to get drunk..hehe

We even got a sticker after paying…
Ah…just my style..

Once again, I really felt that
the bosses here have good sense ><

You can meet these amazing bosses at ‘UNDERDOG,’
which is located between
Hapjeong station and Sangsu station!

Operating hours – 19:00 ~ 03:00

ⓒ welkome


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