[Seoul, Hoegi] #심양
“Always good Lamb skewers”

Hey, this is Woni~
Today I feel like having lamb skewers!!
Sizzling and greasy lamb skewers…*_*

So today, I went to the BEST lamb skewer place
in our town. ‘심양(Shim-yang)’ one of
Kyung-hee University’s famous restaurants!

Here it is 심양(Shim-yang)….!

It’s located on the street corner on the way
from Kyung-hee University to Hoegi Station 😉

This is what you see when you enter!

Looks just like a lamb skewer place, doesn’t it?
There are already so many people~

Thankfully we still got a seat.
There wasn’t any waiting, but it was still close!!
What a HOT place ^^;

This is the secret to 심양’s success *_*

심양 only uses lambs less than a year old,
which is why it doesn’t have the unique smell of lamb!!
As least it was for me 🙂

심양’s menu!

The type of meat is divided into regular lamb
and lamb chop, and there are also other grilled dishes
and menus that come with different types of sauce!

There’s also a side menu for the lamb skewers!

I normally have my lamb skewers with noodles.
They seem to catch its greasiness..(Heh)
Nice choice of menu for a food fighter ^^

The lamb skewers came out~~

We ordered 1 original lamb skewer and
1 mild lamb skewer seasoned with salt!

If you order lamb skewers at 심양,
they give you 1 garlic skewer for free!
(They also give spicy powder and
curry powder if you ask! 🙂 )
Now shall we start grilling~?

Turning over the sizzling lamb skewers…
and chatting with friends!! +_+

I like meat,
but I also think lamb skewers have their own charm~

When the lamb skewers are almost done,
the corn noodles are served~
You also get ‘Cilantro’ to go with it!

My friend enjoyed it especially
so I just put some in mine too ^^;;

Having noodles with your lamb skewers never fails 😀
It was good as always~

The mild lamb skewers with regular salt seasoning
and original lamb skewers seasoned with
심양’s special sauce are all done 😀
(Don’t they look delicious?)

They were both so good …(Heart)

And as I mentioned before,
심양’s lamb skewers really have no bad smell,
so I was able to enjoy the genuine taste of
lamb skewers!!

I’m definitely coming again
when I’m craving lamb skewers ^0^!!

심양 is located in the middle of
Kyung-hee University and Hoegi Station~

Restaurant Hours – 15:00 ~ 01:30
(Closed every Sunday)

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