[Seoul, Hongdae] #불밥
“Spicy fried rice”

Hi guys!
Hot place killer George here 😀

‘BoolBob’(불밥) that was a roll as a hot place in
Ewha Womans University for a decade finally opened
in Hong-Ik University!

‘BoolBob’ was loved by students in Ewha Womans
University for its massive size and cheap price!
Their famous menu is spicy fried rice~

This place is so famous, I knew of the place
even though I didn’t attend Ewha Woman University!

‘BoolBob’ is a fried rice place where you mix
the three main ingredients (chicken, squid, pork)
with the spicy sauce!

You choose the main ingredients of your choice
and select the spicy level!

Aaannnddd you’re done!!

This is the interior of ‘BoolBob’ in
Hong-Ik University!

I got there between lunch and dinner,
there were quite a bit of people there!!

Looking at their strictly followed
‘BoolBob’ principles, I was able to grasp
why people choose to come to this place
time after time>_<

I was just sitting there, daydreaming about eating
and steamed eggs, water, and some rice were served!

The owner suggested that we nibble on the
steamed eggs while we wait!
The owner of the place was REALLY REALLY nice T^T

Me and my friend actually aren’t very good with
spicy food…
So we chose ‘BoolThree’!
(A set menu with all three main ingredients:
chicken, pork, and squid)

And we added cheese popping and extra noodle!!

Here at ‘BoolBob’ you cook their variety of
vegetables and the main ingredients on an iron grill.

The owner will have it cooked for you!

He will also put the cheese topping and noodles in
at the perfect timing!!

And now~
The ‘BoolThree’ menu is ready to be served~

You can eat all the main ingredients before
cooking fried rice!!

These are the chicken, pork, and squid in

I was a bit worried because I’m not good with spicy food
But mild level of spicy level was SPOT ON!!

I devoured all the cheese and noodles too!!>_<

‘BoolThree’ was really really good…
Looking at the picture makes me want some more!! T^T

It’s time to taste the main menu of ‘BoolBob’!

When you have eaten some of the main ingredients,
The owner will come to cook the fried rice for you~

He really mixed the fried rice for us
with all his heart lol

When he is done mixing them up for you,
You need to wait 45 seconds before digging in!

We added some fish roes in our dried rice.

This had been by far THE BEST fried rice I had..!!

My stomach felt like exploding…
But I somehow kept on eating…

I even scratched on the iron plate
to get the last bits of it! >_<
You guys should really try this place!!

Their open hour is 11:00AM – 11:00PM

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