[Seoul, Itaewon] #달려라개미
“Recommendation fusion Makgeolli”

Hello there! This is George!!

Today I was busy walking around Gyeongnidan street =3
Playing is hard too haha ^^;

Today’s target!
‘달려라 개미(Run, Ant!) located in Gyeongnidan street!

This place is famous for fusion Makgeolli,
so why don’t we try some!?

The Neon sign gives you that feeling right?
Hmm..you can think of it as a trendy street vendor!

A combination of traditional and contemporary..sorta?
Heh 😉

This is the interior of the restaurant.

Up until then, there weren’t that many people
But after,
it became so crowded it was hard to even order…!

This is the menu and recommended menu!

There are other diverse menus,
but we decided to go with the recommendation!

‘Stir-fried Cartilage & Riceballs with
Flying Fish Roe – 18,000 won’!

As a place famous for Makgeolli, you can see
a lot of different types of Makgeolli +_+

Next to that, they even sell
Korea’s 12 best alcoholic beverages..whoa…
It seems like a Korean select shop for alcohol ^-^

The 12 best alcohols…
Beyond my reach, but visually pleasing~

This is none other than the main section of here!

Here, you can try different types of Makgeolli

It’s an awesome opportunity,
but beware of drinking too much 😉

We tried each Makgeolli, and decided to order
‘Corn Makgeolli – 1.5L / 17,500 won’!

Pour a cup of Corn Makgeolli~

A famous side dish for Makgeolli,
the Stir-fried Cartilage has arrived!
(The white substance on the top is
soft cooked egg~)

These are the rice balls that you eat with
the stir-fried cartilage!

Round the rice balls nicely and enjoy them
with the cartilage~

Ah…we really pigged out…HAHA
I can see the amount of Makgeolli is decreasing..

Meanwhile, one of my friends arrived late,
so we were able to get another side dish!!

Our next menu was the ‘Grilled Pork – 19,000 won’!
Don’t the grilled pork and vegetables look delicious?

Yes they were!!!

Whew..I think we really eat a lot… ><
Even while eating,
I felt that I had successfully conquered ‘Run, Ant’ V

Well that was George,
who is still full?
I will attach the map ><
Restaurant hours – 16:00 ~ 01:00

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