[Seoul, Mokdong] #곱창고
“Attention, Gop-chang Lovers”

Hi guys! Tripe(Gop-chang) lover, George here!
Yet again, I had Gop-chang today!

No need for more words? GO Pictures!!!

Today, I went to ‘GopChang Go’~
A franchise restaurant that became
kind of my daily restaurant!

I went all the way to Mok-dong for ‘GopChang Go’
because I had a newsflash come in that
Dae-chang from Mok-dong’s ‘GopChang Go’ is good!

I actually never came here before,
But I guess this was a city for YOUNG!

How nice~

Now I feel home.
This is the all familiar interior of ‘GopChang Go’

Interior of all ‘GopChang Go’ is different,
but this one doesn’t have much of a unique
characteristics~ It surprised me that it was to…
normal? 😉

We ordered ‘GopChang MoDeum GooYi’
(assorted tripes) – (9,990won) for one,
And ‘HanWoo DaeChang GooYi’
(Korean beef tripes) – (12,900won) for one!

‘GopChang Go’ is always running SNS promotion…
And I always upload ‘GopChang Go’s pictures…

We ordered BEER!
**Beer solves all things**

Real game just got started!!
The food came out

First, they don’t look so bad
(They pre-grill all the food, so it take a bit
longer for the food to come out~)

They come out perfect for two people~
And the gaps get filled with other vegies and CHIVES!

Because they come out pre-grilled,
you have to get into cutting them up immediately~

You guys may have not noticed, but Dae-chang from
Mok-dong ‘GopChang Go’ are much bigger!
They look soo delish!

I guess I started eating these greasy guys
from then on…

I don’t have a lot of pictures after this point lol
Actually, I’ll confess. I CAN’T take pictures…
I get too busy…

You understand right..? :p

Oh yeah!
We ordered one more order of Dae-chang!

It was really good.
I give you my acknowledgment Mok-dong!

After one more order of these goodies,
We ordered fried rice!

I learned that it is not a honorable thing to do t
o NOT order fried rice…
I remember eating them as if these were dessert lol

It was great NONETHELESS.

Look at that!
We perfectly cleared it all!

I came all the way to Mok-dong for this!!
Tell me I did well! 😀

Oh yeah! Lastly!

All respect to you SaJangNim (the Owner)!
Mok-dong ‘GopChang Go’ gives you free ice cream
after the meal @[email protected]!!
I love this place!

I promised myself, AGAIN, that I will come back
to this place next time I visit Mok-dong!

Posting for today. DONE! :p

‘GopChang Go’ Mok-dong location
Open : 14:00 ~ 03:00

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