[Seoul, Sangsu] #Di Di Da
“Cozy pubs with live music”

Today I went to my hideout in Sangsu-dong,
β€˜Didida’ for the first time in a while~

I used to come here a lot…
but these days I’m too busy to πŸ™

Still, the owner greeted me kindly so I felt good

This is Didida’s front sign and entrance.
Doesn’t it seem different from the entrance?

Extremely ARTISTIC γ…‡_γ…‡? Heh

In a few months, the store interior had changed!

Before it was like a pub and small theater with
Live performances, but now it seemed less so!

Of course, it still isn’t just a normal pub πŸ˜€

It was a bit of a craze, but let me still introduce!
This is the simple menu of Didida~

The dishes are like a regular snack bar or street
vendor, but I would recommend the Tteokbokki,
fried food, and β€˜Alley Kat,’ which is a beer!

The owner apparently wanted to change
the store concept into a street vendor,
and the biggest change was in the fish cake bar

Didida has a small stage,
where young musicians often come to practice
and play live music~

In this aspect, the fish cake bar kinda suits it ^^;

Snack food and a street vendor in
such a fashionable space +_+

It was really awkward and unfamiliar at first,
but now it is a unique cultural space for me~

(Now, practice performances aren’t allowed –
only rental :’(
This was the most disappointing part!)


With the good music and fun people,
I was able to enjoy a drink! woot woot~

The owner is also very quirky and gives
a lot of service!!
Sometimes he even sits down to chat πŸ˜‰
It really feels like my own hideout!!

Today was also a good day chatting with the owner
and listening to good music..><

For those that would like to experience
a musical sort of pub,
Check out β€˜Didida’ in Sangsu station! ^^

Restaurant hours – 12:00 ~ 02:00

β“’ welkome

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  1. Profile photo of Sally1996
    Sally1996 6 months ago

    How cozy.. !

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