[Seoul, Sinchon] #막걸리싸롱
“No two Makgeollis are the same”

This is George, who is passionately conquering
all HOT food places V

Today, I went to Sinchon and felt like having Makgeolli,
so I went to conquer it!

“No two Makgeollis are the same”
The motto itself is very reliable!

Let’s head in –

The interior of the store has a plain style.

You can see a lot of different Makgeolli bottles,
so it seems like there will be many kinds..!

Let’s look at the food menu first!
The menus here are no different from those at
other Makgeolli places,
(pancakes, seasoned dishes, stir-fried dishes, etc..)
and they even have a set menu~

But we couldn’t find anything we liked in the set menu
so we ordered everything separately!

Spicy Sea Snails – 19,000 won
Seafood Pancake – 10,000 won

This is the menu for alcohol @[email protected]

The menu looks quite dizzy ^^;
Fruit Makgeolli, Cocktail Makgeolli,
and Smoothie Makgelli…

There were so many kinds and even a sampler menu!
but we decided to get our favorite
‘Corn Makgeolli – 6,000 won’!

The Corn Makgeolli is the first to arrive~


The main dish has also come =3!!

This composition seems more suitable for old men
than two girls…heh 😉
But isn’t this how everyone should enjoy Makgeolli!?
Now~ if everyone is ready..

Fill your glasses~~

And eat =3
🙂 🙂

The combo of pancake and sea snails with
thin noodles is amazing!!

To be honest, the price range excluding the Makgeolli
isn’t that cheap, but the amount and taste is
that much good~!
Next time I should come here as a group!

One of the shots we took while eating haha ^^;
We seem to be really into it…

We kept repeating that IT’s GOOD~~
and took a sip of Makgeolli..

We cleared everything a bit too easily…
No matter how much we ate,
neither of us gave up..hoot,,

This concludes the review of
‘Makgeolli Salon,’
A place with a great variety of menus!

‘Makgeolli Salon’ in Shinchon is located
right in front of the entrance to Yonsei University 😉

Operating hours – 16:30 ~ 02:00

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