[Skincare] #Exfoliation product
COSRX vs. STIDEX review

Hi everyone! DoolDool here!
Weather has been pretty dry recently 🙁
With kind of weather, exfoliation pad became
one of the HOT items!

Today, I will be comparing two of the exfoliation
products I’ve been using!

I will be comparing most popular exfoliation product
sold in Korea, ‘COSRX’ brand and ‘STRIDEX’ brand
product I recently bought from iHerb.

First, let’s take a look at the STRIDEX product
that flew all the way here from overseas!

Unfortunately, I’ve never seen a place in Korea
that sells STRIDEX Maximun T^T

But I bought this product for $6.89 from iHerb!!
(‘Olive Young’ does sell STRIDEX Sensitive
products though!!)

STRIDEX Maximum has 2% of Slicylic acid!!
(Salicylic acid = BHA)

Korean Cosmetics Act banned any import of
products with more than 1% of BHA.
Oh..This is probably the reason I can’t find
a place that sells these!!!><

They say exfoliation and BHA component products
are best if used at night, Because of the harm sunlight
may cause on your skin after exfoliation!

STRIDEX products are categorized into
Maximum, Sensitive, and Essential!

Maximum had highest written on it so I assume
it has really strong exfoliation capability,
Sensitive is a bit more gentle and has
aloe as one of the ingredients,
And Essential would be for sensitive skins;
it has vitamin added in it.

There are 90 sheets in STRIDEX!

Now that this is opened,
let’s start talking about COSRX product!

COSRX Pimple Pad!

This is a product you can easily get from any
‘Olive Young’ store near you.

It’s on a slightly pricier side and
contains less than STRIDEX.
(17,500won, 70sheets)

But you can get your hands on this one much easier,
So I would say these two doesn’t have
much of a difference..!!

This is the picture of the item inside the
container of COSRX @[email protected]

I could never really get use to this guy…lol
At least has great skin 😉

This item, like STRIDEX, takes care of your
dead skins and pores, But COSRX has 1% of BHA!

Like any other one of these exfoliating pads,
you can use these after cleansing and before
applying toner 🙂

Let’s open these bad boys up and try them on!!

Left is STRIDEX product and
Right is the COSRX product

To make it easier to compare,
STRODEX’s pad isn’t completely round :]

This is the front side view of both products.
Both of these have pretty nice cushioning!

This is the backside.
They both have flat backside with no cushion.

COSRX product does have very slight cushion,
but, as you see, there aren’t much of a difference.

Thinness of both these products is pretty similar.
I would say two are generally pretty similar :p

I’ll try both of them out, each for
one half of my face.

After trying out both of them and rubbing them on
with the same intensity, CORSX product that I used
on my right side of the face had more
residue come off!!
(Or it could be that right side of my face is
somehow dirtier..^^;)

My feedback on these after using would be that…
COSRX was stronger in cleansing and
STRIDEX was stronger in stinginess and slight
burning feeling!
(This would probably be because of strong
BHA component)

I honestly didn’t feel too much of a difference.
They both felt pretty good… lol

I used them for extended period and felt that
they both served their purpose well 😀

But if your skin is on a sensitive side of the
spectrum when it comes to ingredients,
I would suggest that you try out COSRX first!
Or you could use STRIDEX Sensitive(BHA 0.5%)!!


ⓒ welkome


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