[Skincare] #VANT

A sad Ggo Ggo with bad skin…T_T

My skin has been acting out these days…
It has been saddening me greatly these days 🙁

It’s worse for past few days thanks to that
once a month thing all girls go through…

(cleansing soap), known for its effective
skin trouble care, in hopes of turning my skin
life back in time :p

I’ve been changing other skin care items,
other than just cleaning soap to skin trouble items…

It’s been driving my bank account thin.. T^T

But first move to troubled skin is always a cleanser!
So I went and bought a VANT Trouble Hunter,
known for its effective trouble care~

They say VANT Trouble Hunter contains
tea tree abstracts and aloes that are good for
sensitive and troubled skins~

They also say it balances facial oil and controls sebum!
Action speaks louder than thousand words right!?

Let’s try this thing out!!

The soap creates more than enough foams as it is,
but I used the bubble maker to create bigger foam!

Bigger then foam, the better they will be in
entering your pores to cleanse them nice and neat!
(gotta remember this!!)

Rub these big foams on your face to cleanse your face
for 1~2 minutes!

I’ve been using this soap morning and nights these days!
Let’s see the comparison photos on before and after
using this product for a week!!!>_<

This is the hideous before shot of my skin T^T
I never really had to worry about my skin all my life;;
This made my life especially hard these days…

Anyway, that’s the photo I took before
I started using VANT product!

And this is the photo I took after I used the product
morning and night for a week!

It didn’t complete heal my skin…
but I think it did get much better!

Now, for better comparison

If you take compare the circled spots,
you can see that there had been improvements!

I wouldn’t call it a complete healing,
but general redness subsided and
troubled spots did get faint…


I was able to make it better through home care,
but considering my profession,
I cannot keep it this way any longer.. T^T
I think I’m going to take a visit to a dermatologist soon… T^T

ⓒ welkome


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