[Makeup] #The SAEM
Eco Soul Swag Jelly Shadow

Hi! This is GGoGGo back again~
with a makeup post! ๐Ÿ˜€

Today, Iโ€™m going to talk about a
โ€œfall make upโ€ thatโ€™s full of Autumn breeze~
Using The SAEMโ€™s new eye shadows!

I tried them out today and got really excited
over these colors!


The newly launched The SAEM’s
โ€œEco Soul Swag Jelly Shadow โ€
Have five colors and each of these
colors are named really CUTE! +_+

Type 1“Get some Coffee”
Type 2“My Lady”
Type 3“Just a moment”
Type 4“Whatโ€™s going on”
Type 5“Donโ€™t worry”

CUTE!! ISNโ€™T.. IT?

Each is 10,000 WON!
(CHEAPER if they are on sale! :D)

The shadow looked very jello-ish and soft;
I guess this is why they named it Jelly Shadow lol

The unique texture made through the
silicon based powder,
Is very silky and high in color resolution

I tested each of these eye shadows with my finger
Coloring of each shades were amazing!!

Type 4 and 5 were dead on point my style!

Now letโ€™s check out each of the colors and make ups!

Type 1“Get some Coffee” !

The color is EXACTLY coffee brown
I think it will be good for
smoky make up and for shading ! +_+

Type 2“My Lady” !

This is actually my personal favorite, PURPLE! >_<
I love how gentle the purple is portrayed!

Color of “My Lady” is very classy and soft
Using this color with the brown color will
bump up its beauty up a notch! WOOT!

Type 3“Just a Moment” !

Marsala color is always a
go-to item for daily make up!

I would say this color is one of the most
modest out of the five J

Type 4“Whatโ€™s going on” !

I tried on this color with the Type 3 color!
Beige Gold + Peach mix willโ€ฆ

No doubt! +_+

The peach color here is also pretty
for your under eye make up! YEAH!

Type 5“Donโ€™t Worry” !

Coral colorโ€ฆ SUCH A LADY!

Highly suggested for the date >////<
The SAEM shadows are all so pretty! SERIOUSLY!

Now, letโ€™s check out one and only
GGoGGoโ€™s The SAEM eye shadow make up!

This is the gradation shadow make up !
that Iโ€™ve been doting over!

Use Type 5 (Donโ€™t Worry) as a base color,
Type 1 (Get Some Coffee) for shading,
And Type 4 (Whatโ€™s Going On) for under eye make up!

Soft shines from these eye shadows are good for
Classy eye makeup

These are all made with silicone based materials,
so they donโ€™t blow away like other shadows
(phewwwwโ€ฆ.finally a good shadow!)

The color combination is also perfect!

Beautify yourself with The SAEM eye shadow !! YEAH!

โ“’ welkome


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